It started as a simple suggestion: "I think your detective story would make a fun audio show." 

And I remember saying, "Yeah, that would be fun, but I'm not sure how I could pull it off."

But I went back, and I looked it over, and with a few adjustments, Mickie McKinney: The Absent Answers was brought to life.

But then I had to cast it. So I was asking around and my sister said, "Hey, I've got some friends who are really good!"

"Great!" I said, "Can they record a scene or two?"

So they did, and I was blown away, because suddenly my characters were coming to life; walking down the halls of Maple Ridge Middle School, solving crimes and making new friends. And I realized, I really wanted to see what they would do next. 

Then a few other friends asked to help out as well, and I started building a website and recording episodes, and suddenly the audio show that I "wasn't sure I could pull off" became more possible every day. Until one day the question wasn't, "can I do this?", but "how far can I take this?"

So that's what I'm going to find out. I'm going to write, and direct and create new mysteries for Mickie to solve. If you like, you can listen and come along for the ride. I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I do.

Sincerely, Ruby Faux

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Superheroes are common in Oliver’s world. He doesn’t pay them much attention since he’s just trying to survive his city government internship and the latest useless—but time-sensitive—project that’s been dropped on him. Then he mistakenly takes the super serum the Milwaukee mayor wrote into the budget to help his slumping re-election campaign. Now Oliver is dealing with an annoyed police chief, a surging crime wave, paparazzi, a super villain, a bit of romance, and the creepy ladies of the Milwaukee Flower and Garden Society. You expect the super villains to be trouble, but you never expect the bigger problem to be getting your city-issued car replaced after you’ve reduced it to a burning hunk of metal your first day on the job. If Oliver can survive the endless on-the-job training sessions, the awkwardness of the extremely generic but very tight suit, and getting thrown through the occasional wall or two, he might just have time to stop the bad guy from enslaving the world. No biggie.