Coming May 27th, 2022!

Mickie McKinney is Maple Ridge Middle School's one and only private detective. (Not that anyone else wants the job). So when the new girl is accused of stealing the history test answers, Mickie has a hunch that the school bully, Tommy Tubbins might be behind the crime. However, while Mickie suspects Tommy Tubbins is the true perpetrator, he still needs to prove it - without angering the meanest kid in school in the process.

With the help of an orange smudge, the school’s mad scientist, and wisdom of his late father, Mickie is willing to follow the clues and unmask the true culprit. If only his sweet tooth and propensity to monologue won't get in his way.

 A story of humor and friendship, this well-meaning, somewhat strange, size-small sleuth will find his way into your hearts as he tries to solve, The Case of the Absent Answers.


“Young mystery fans will delight in solving the case with Mickie in this fun and funny middle school whodunnit.” 


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“Mickie McKinney's story is one of fun, mystery, and friendship, with a few other themes that its

target audience, children, will not only enjoy but also learn a lot from.”

Online Book Club

"A fun and fast minimystery for young readers."

Kirkus Reviews