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Podcasting Workshop: Make Your Words Come Audio!


Jack Rochester and Ruby Fink

Jack B. Rochester is author of 15 fiction and nonfiction books. His novel Madrone won the Best Literary Fiction Award of 2016 from the Independent Publishers of New England. Jack is a lifelong advocate of radio media. He taught the first college classes in podcasting in the early 2000s and has spoken on writing and the media at many conferences. He has had Audible digital recordings made of all his novels, several with professional development from Ruby Fink’s Faux Fiction Audio.

Ruby Fink is a writer and sound editor currently based in California. She heads a team of more than 16 talented voice actors, 3 editors - also known as Faux Fiction Audio, the audio recording company she started in 2016. Her audio show, Mickie McKinney : Boy Detective can be found on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Jack and Ruby are currently producing his newest novel, Anarchy, as an audiobook with a full cast.

Jack: Ruby:

Come see us in Portland Oregon!

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