Debut Episode Coming Soon!

Welcome listeners to the new Faux Fiction website! We are so excited to get the ball rolling on our first season of Mickie McKinney: Boy Detective, starring Lucas and Violet Faux ! Our first episode, The Absent Answers will be out May 30th, so mark your calendars and get ready for tale from our favorite junior P.I. !

I'd like to take a moment and give a big thank you to all of my talented talent! I am so lucky I got to work with all of you and I have loved every moment!

Faux Fiction Audio is primarily a podcast service, with the intention of bringing old fashioned entertainment to all ages in a new fangled way. We hope you will enjoy listening to these episodes as much as we enjoy making them!

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Superheroes are common in Oliver’s world. He doesn’t pay them much attention since he’s just trying to survive his city government internship and the latest useless—but time-sensitive—project that’s been dropped on him. Then he mistakenly takes the super serum the Milwaukee mayor wrote into the budget to help his slumping re-election campaign. Now Oliver is dealing with an annoyed police chief, a surging crime wave, paparazzi, a super villain, a bit of romance, and the creepy ladies of the Milwaukee Flower and Garden Society. You expect the super villains to be trouble, but you never expect the bigger problem to be getting your city-issued car replaced after you’ve reduced it to a burning hunk of metal your first day on the job. If Oliver can survive the endless on-the-job training sessions, the awkwardness of the extremely generic but very tight suit, and getting thrown through the occasional wall or two, he might just have time to stop the bad guy from enslaving the world. No biggie.