Ruby Faux

Faux Fiction Audio Producer, Writer, Director and Editor Ruby Faux studied Film Production at Chapman University’s Dodge College, with a minor in Narrative and Dramatic Literature.
She fell in love with audio shows while finishing her senior year and created her own show, Mickie McKinney Boy Detective.  Since then, she has enjoyed bringing her cast of talented friends together to create new audio adventures. 

When Ruby's not writing and creating new worlds, she's reading, watching cartoons or ballroom dancing.

Lyndsey Faux

Besides being one of the original Faux sisters and co-producer/director, Lyndsey is a science fiction and fantasy writer and artist. She is constantly teaching herself new methods of story telling. More of her work can be found on 

James Faux

James works predominantly in the soul-crushing world of T.V. and engineering, where his credits include such great titles as "Utopia," "Are You the One," and three different iterations of the hit MTV series "Teen Mom." When he isn't busy contributing to the decline of culture via reality TV, he works as a freelance cinematographer and editor for companies such as BuzzFeed and AwesomenessTV. His passions include dogs, pillow forts and Karen Gillan.

Micah Faux

Micah is a writer, director, and editor residing in Glendale, CA. He is the creator of the comedy web series "Revenge of The Sock" (, and winner of Best Feature Screenplay at both L.A. Screamfest 2013 and Eerie Horror Film Festival & Expo 2014. Micah is a creative director forTen Thirty One productions, working annually on such events as the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride and The Great Horror Campout. He is also the author of several interactive murder mystery plays that have been performed locally and nationally. His work can be viewed at

Lucas Faux

Lucas is an nineteen-year-old sophomore attending College of the Canyons. His interests include reading, writing, acting, watching movies, attending music festivals, and making others smile. He lives in Santa Clarita with his family and his dog. His pastimes while at home are listening to music, collecting vinyl and playing video games with friends. 

Violet Faux

Violet is a writer, model, and actress living in California. Her first debut as a voice actress was for Faux Fiction, playing the part of Sam in Mickie McKinney: Boy Detective, though as soon as she graduates, Violet plans to study psychology and get a degree as a family therapist. When she's not in school or having fun with her friends, she loves reading, theater and photography. To check out her portfolio, go to

Steve Faux

Steve has been acting since the age of thirteen.  He has worked as a Social Studies teacher and football coach for twenty-five years. Steve has a wonderful wife named Kathy and three awesome kids; Jake, Joe, and Katie.  When not in his home studio or spending time with his family, he is usually involved in a local stage or film production.   Steve has been fortunate to work on projects for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the City of Watertown branding video, Realty Executives Platinum, Towne Cinema, and temporary audio for Raven Software.

Karl aka "Dad" Faux

Faux Fiction Audio Tech and Editor Karl Faux started his career as a writer and producer, known for his 1991 show "Herman's Head" and 2004 Award winning movie "A One Time Thing." Now the producer and face for Streaming for the Soul, you may hear his voice interviewing many a supernatural being on his new show, Superpowers...though sometimes he will lend it out to do the credits for Mickie McKinney. 

When he is not writing, producing or livestreaming, Karl enjoys biking, hearing every crazy alien conspiracy theory, and making corny Dad jokes. 

CJ Faux

C.J. hails from New York City. His theatrical training includes The Oxford School of Drama, Bennington College, and years of professional entertainment work in Los Angeles. C.J. is currently pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting at UCLA. He is drawn to stories about Family, Love and Coming of Age, and he is honored to be a part of this wonderful production.

Leann Faux

Hi... My name is Leann!  I like long walks by the beach and reading books by the fire place. My hobbies include making clever jokes that support small upcoming businesses like FAUX FICTION-- especially their new webseries filled with film noir magnificence.

Ryan Faux

Ryan is a young, kooky, voice actor who lives in California with half his faux bros and sisters. Balancing school and acting, he also likes goofing off, watching cartoons, and playing video games. If he ever leaves Faux Fiction, it will either be because he got hired by Hollywood or the mothership took him home.

Hannah Faux

Hannah is living in Oregon to pursue her love of Theater and Music at Lewis and Clark College.  Prior to her voice acting debue for Faux Fiction Audio, Hannah wrote, produced and performed an album, Parting Gifts, which can be found on iTunes.

Brandon Faux

Brandon originates from somewhere near the equator and acts, sings, draws, and improvises. Currently, he lives on the outskirts of Portland, OR, and often finds inspiration from the mountains in the distance and the crows in the dumpster. If you wanna see or share cool cartoons or talk in funny voices, shoot him an email at

Joanna Faux

Joanna is a creature of the rainforest that is happiest on the beach (preferrably with a book in hand). Most weekdays, she can be found in New York City where she works in financial services. When not in her cubicle, she writes short stories, reads on subways and talks to dogs. She has since fallen headfirst into the wonderful world of books that literally speak to you on Faux Fiction.

Corey Faux

Corey McCarey is a theatre technician and playwright from Chicago, IL. He moved to Portland in 2011 to attend Lewis & Clark college, from whence he graduated in 2015 with a bachelor in technical theatre. He loves dogs and long walks through strange cities.

Sam Faux

Sam is an actor and teaching artist currently based in Portland, Oregon. She recently earned her BA in Theatre from Lewis & Clark College. She loves performing, particularly devised work, and has just begun venturing into the wonderful world of voiceover. Other hobbies include hiking, teaching art to small children, and filling up waffle punchcards faster than might be considered socially acceptable.

Nathan Faux

While known for his work on Grit (2015), Least Among Brethren (2015) and Rook (2014) as a producer and cinematographer, Nathan also enjoys acting in both theater and film. To check out any of his acting or cinematography work, you can either find him at : or

Shaina Faux

Shaina is a voice actress living in Los Angeles, CA. 
Prior her debut on Faux Fiction Audio she majored in Theater with a minor in Music and Psychology at Chapman University.

She loves Star Trek, Eddie Izzard and Monty Python.

for more info on Shaina go to:

Leon Faux

 LA native keyboardist/ composer/ producer Leon Faux has been playing music since he was four years old. A lover of jazz music, he agreed to create the background voiceover music for Mickie McKinney, giving every Mickie monologue his own special kind of rhythm.

For more on Leon, go to :

Kelly Faux

Kelly is the Graphic Designer and Web Designer for Faux Fiction Audio. She graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and an emphasis in Animation. She currently lives in Beaverton, Oregon, working as a Childcare Counselor at Fidgets2Widgets, a Photo Retoucher for NW Pixs and as a Independent Contractor on the side. You can see her portfolio website by going to

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